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NewYork CD Release@TheTank Sept/19th


The New York CD release show of the eclectic Jazz album ‘Destiny’ has journey almost 3 years in the making, Spanning two continents, and three cities, this labor of love wouldn’t of been possible without the strength & guidance of friends, fans and family. In a Grover Washington-esque funky jazz style meets modern day electric groove, Rebelinx aka Linx is set to welcome us in on the journey. This new album is a soulful debut, lead by Linx saxophone, a mix of urban rhythms that grooves in elements of Tango, Bangra, Soca, Samba, just to name a few. Thanks to adaptations of World beat and electric Dance the new album speaks to the heart and spirit of combined rhythms in jazz. Recently debut out west and performed at a festival (also known as) Rebelinx Massive is comprised of multi talented musicians and singers orchestrating original songs such as the electric gospel of “Only Love, can set you free..” and the debut single entitled Destiny, combined with visuals showcasing of the albums diversity and postmodern tapestry. Held in around the world famous Times Square it will make its debut at the The Tank Theater Sept19th2014 9pm 151 w. 46th St. 8th Floor (b/t 6th and 7th Ave Times square/49th st/Rockefeller stn B,D,F,M,N,Q,R) New York, NY 10036

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Aug 28

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