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Rebelinx aka Linx is a talented artist who grew up in and around metro Toronto area. In his teens, after the family moved to the suburbs (Malton) he created a band ‘Genius of Funk’ with LaSalle Stephens (long time producer & husband of RnB artist ‘Carol Cox’) He won musician of the year at his jr. high school and after went on the road busking and getting a scholarship to study film in Vancouver and while studying there he started running a successful Art Gallery (‘Soul Art Gallery’) and created an after-hours Jazz joint that got write ‘up in the local entertainment mag ‘Georgia Straight ‘Gallery Rises Above the Rest’. He moved to Montreal, and started an Black artist alliance ‘Rebel Art Society’. He enrolled in Concordia Univ. for film and music. During an exchange program in Paris/France he created a 10 piece acid-jazz ensemble while making his first 35mm feature film but fell ill and unable to complete his projects & studies. Determined Linx moved back to Vancouver hooking up with a young artist Chris Guy a.ka Clev working out of Hipposonic studio along side artists Swollen Members/Nelly Furtado/ The Rascal, etc. They teamed up to do the soundtrack of Linx film “Fade to Black: BloodChild” that also became the new name of his production company (Fade to Black Entertainment Alliance). The goal was to produce an album compilation with the black film & music community that later landing him write ups in local news and magazines. He toured Europe and was award in Poland, the UK and Spain. Clev$Linx teamed up again and recorded their second album ‘Dope New Soul Cats’, while Linx was living in Madrid/Spain. With many artists including Malcolm Jamal Warner (The Cosbey Show), and DJ Mat “The Alien”. Linx suffered meningitis in Madrid paralyzing the muscels in face(unable to play sax) to landing him in a coma where he almost died recovering 7months in hospital. A year later he received a Kidney Transplant. It took 18years for the gift of life and while recovering hooked up with producer Joey Turco and made a experimental solo album ‘Fistula’ and dedicated it to Vancouver St. Paul’s hospital nurses, Doctor’s. & staff. All awhile Linx devoted his time to community celebrating Afro–Canadian heritage in film & music. Now fully back Linx has produced his first international jazz album entitled ‘Destiny’. A collaboration of talented musicians from Juno award artist Devon aka ‘Mr.Metro’ Martin, to Grammy award recording engineers Yas Inoue & Walter Coelho of New York’s Master of Works Little Louie Vega. He recently debut the album in Vancouver, New York and now Bulgaria. A uniquely electric jazz-fusion meets world beat and dance album. Recently from the success of the album was the VIP artist at Bulgarian Jazz Festival and release 2016/17 his first live album ‘Rebelinx Live in Bulgaria’ and is now working on the new album “The Rebirth’ in the Northern city of Prince George to be release 2018, where he plans to incorporate his poetry, vocals and Beat Box styles. Keep it locked.)

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Oct 1
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  • RachelB Says:

    well said! Very proud ,to see MY FAMILY ,Doing what he loves! 🙂

  • Dean Says:

    Thank you so much for letting me jam with you guys like that. That was probably the best downtown night I’ve ever had in my life. I played your cd this morning on the way to work and it was beautiful like your guys show

  • "Other Brother", Larry Says:

    A big shout out to you and boyz, what a great time I had at your FIRST CD release party. The music from the album really came alive under your watchful and heartfelt guidance, plus great vibes by the band mates. hey, the female singers were great, too, keep them on the ticket, OK?
    Hoping to see you in the next few weeks, enjoy the brief clouds and rain to make room for more sun. Revel in your accomplishment, a great start to your CD tour and feeding your heart some more. We need more Rebelinx music!

  • Ezeadi Patrick U Onukwulu Says:

    It is a great pleasure when we meet souls like you on this journey; and, you have been extremely blessed. The opportunity to share in your song, Destiny, at your CD release was honouring and an inspired moment. I will treasure it for ever!

    We are one … One Love … One Human … One Destiny!

    Blessings Brother

    Ezeadi Onukwulu

  • Peter Kent Says:

    Brother you are an inspiration! Never give up on a dream, no matter what life hurls at you. I salute you and of course I love the tunes. Hugs and respect.

    Peter Kent

  • david George Says:

    ….well brother Rebelinx.
    Having listened to the Calabash show (October 29th).
    I now know that you deserve plenty of musical respect.
    From the very first tune which featured each of the talented musicians on stage…the tone was set for an
    evening of audio-delight.

    This album (DESTINY) has everything a funky/soul worldbeat fan could desire.

    Keep on using that global saxophone to spread
    peace, love and harmony.

  • Elisaveta Says:

    Linx made the greatest show among all our participant and I really appreciate all your efforts and his also for this to happen.

    Elisaveta Lobodova
    Perelik Eco Jazz Festival, Smolyan, BULGARIA, EUROPE

  • Claire Nielsen Says:

    We are so lucky in the north to have such amazing talent. Linx completely melted the audience with his Sexophone and I look forward to hearing him again.

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